What Are The Roles Of The Tutor?

Basic education students can also count on this support to break through delays and gain autonomy, following school subjects more easily. To do so, they directly access a tutor with specific training, who will be dedicated to teaching, prioritizing the most delicate points for each student. Are you thinking of improving your performance through tutoring? So, you came to the right place.

The functions of these professionals depend on their profile and assessment environment. A tutor allocated to assist a teacher in basic education will monitor and facilitate the class performance, dedicating time, mainly, to children with learning delays.

A tutor acting in distance education like SAT Tutor (ติว sat which is the term is Thai), on the other hand, has a more central role, as it connects the student to the content, teachers, and the educational institution, replacing the educator in personal contact with the student.

“The tutor is the one who, synchronously or asynchronously, in person or at a distance, guarantees a quality in communication for the use of the aforementioned material, directing, monitoring, and evaluating the students’ learning throughout the process.” Although it prioritizes distance education, the text has characteristics common to tutors, which we comment on below.

Student Partner

By building a relationship of trust and closeness, the tutor plays the role of a partner, someone the tutor can count on to support learning issues. He will respect the pace and particularities of each student to maximize their performance.


The tutor can connect the tutor to content, subjects or even study SAT (เรียน sat which is the term in Thai), and strategies that facilitate learning no matter where they work. This function receives greater importance, as the contact with the advisor makes the bridge between student and school, college, or university.

Facilitator Of Student Learning

The tutor considers the particularities of each case to guide students towards autonomy and the achievement of knowledge on their own.

Pedagogical Advisor

In constant contact with the student, the tutor helps to clarify doubts about contents presented in the classroom, reinforcing misunderstood information. It also provides support materials and tools to stimulate and motivate tutors in their study routine.

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