The Victorian Language of Fans – There is a Language that belongs to them!

Are you aware that in Victorian occasions the women had an unspoken “fan” language? Perhaps a tradition we ought to restore today! Here are the meanings:

If your youthful lady held her fan to her lips, it pleaded with a hug

Shedding it meant friendship only

Drawing it across her eyes meant an apology

The fan placed close to the heart signaled You’ve won my love

Did she hide your eyes behind a wide open fan ~ I really like you

Running her fingers with the fans ribs meant, “I wish to talk.”

Frequent lowering and raising the fan several occasions ~ You’re cruel ~

Fanning gradually meant I’m married

Fanning rapidly meant I’m engaged

Passing the fan in one hands to a different meant, ” you’re searching at another.”

Utilizing it to maneuver her hair from her brow meant, “Remember me!”

Twirling the fan within the left hands ~ You’re being viewed ~

You’ll find stunning hand crafted battenburg or Belgium lace antique look fan. Styled following a beauty from the past. Lovely for any bride, bridesmaids, or flower women. Nice shown on a bridal shower table or perhaps on a wall for the Shabby Chic or Victorian decors. Ideal for theatrical performances or Civil War re-enactors. Fans create a wonderful tea party favor too. Obtainable in white-colored, ivory,red,black and crimson. Matching lace parasols can also be found, in addition to a wide variety of handkerchiefs. Are you aware there’s a language of Handkerchief Flirtations too? I’ll save individuals for an additional day!

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