The Chance for Transformation within the Connecticut School Massacre

This latest school tragedy is war having a face. See, the majority of our wars are fought against abroad–there, in certain remote place where we never need to confront it since it is a fantasy to all of us. Not this time around. It’s in our face where we can’t escape the unimaginable horror of witnessing our kids die. Personally, i be aware of unthinkable discomfort that the parent never really wants to feel-losing a young child. Attempt to imagine getting your heart ripped out and set via a meat-grinder and you will get an inkling of the items these survivors are long lasting at this time.

Our school shootings are happening more often. So, I ask myself what is the message here? Let’s say, within the main issue, this tragedy serves to awaken humanity’s empathy? There resided a sensible teacher that trained that each action is either an action of affection or perhaps a demand love. This youthful shooter’s actions most certainly fall within the ‘call for love’ category. His violence was created from his suffering-also, a phone call for empathy.

Nothing awakens empathy greater than a damaged heart. A lot of hearts happen to be damaged with this tragedy, a lot of numerous lives affected. A lot discomfort. A lot carnage. This is exactly what happens every single day in war. And, we become complacent. We numb out since the victims are impersonal and faceless. Not this time around.

The ending of 2012 is really a critical time in the world for either embracing awareness or residing in ‘head-in-sand’ mode where we get in touch with more ‘2X4 therapy’. This recent Connecticut school shooting is really a tragic wake-up call using the chance to embrace empathy and transformation or continue residing in ignorance and blame.

Let’s say when an adequate amount of us awaken our empathy-when critical mass is arrived at-we’ll then begin to see the madness of fight against any level. May I help remind you that empathy starts within. Start by realizing ways in which you do not have empathy toward yourself yet others. Keep in mind that our ideas and actions lead to critical mass inside a negative or positive way. Quite simply, your empathy, or lack thereof, affects the earth. Now, this is a effective thought!

The world appears to become reminding us that people cannot escape into ignorance any more. Our kids are our teachers. Let’s pay attention to their message of transformation. What if they’re talking with us from sleep issues of existence. Let’s say their message would go something similar to this:

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